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In the city of roses, Simply Aldonia Show showcases artist and musicians and creative people on the Arroyo 33 Channel in Pasadena, California. You can watch the shows on Pasadena

Joyce Miles


"Ms Bailey Lives, breaths and moves in connection with the artistic footprint of expression through art for all. Her work is an inspiration for all people who endeavor to create artistic experiences and record them on a multifaceted level.
Aldonia has a gift that continues to build momentum as she discovers new forms of indebt styles of painting, and drawing.Her work is highly influenced by her growing up in Louisiana. It pours forth from her works of art into tapestry reliving a sacred aura.

Ms Bailey is multi talented with instruments and her soulful voice of song and poetry,is a whole different experience. Exposure with Ms Bailey leads those viewing into a dream in which they can participate and explore new ways to create ones own journey."

-Joyce Miles

Pasadena, CA