Artistic Art Journeys

Creativity Sparks The Art!                                                                                                Call us @ 626.466.7962

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aldonia r bailey

Learn to Paint

Relax and have fun

Learn new art concepts

Explore the elements of arts

Paint and create new art

Learn the basis fundamental of art

Watch the artist paint live

Remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, keep painting you get bolder and confidence.  

Trust the creative process, no matter what keep painting and work out the kinks.

Fun for everyone!- Artist Aldonia


Painting With Aldonia

The following events are scheduled for September through November. Please EMAIL us at for more information.




Painting with the artist Aldonia R Bailey

Pull up a chair and paint in the comfort of your own space. Learn several art concepts for abstract painting. Have fun painting, creating different designs and exploring art. Fun for the whole family live on Facebook on A.R.Bailey page, join Watch My Live Group with Aldonia Have a Artistic Art Journey 

Artist Aldonia R Bailey